Occupational Safety Policy

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy is establishe to ensure that all employees are in a workable environment in terms of health, safety and envirnmental aspects in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety laws and regulations.

The fulfillment of these policy requirements and the achievement of targets and commitments will be possible with the participation of the General Manager to the lowest unit of employee.


* By creating a systematic and safe work environment, it ensures its continuity,

* Ensures that the necessary information, environment, training and guidance are provided in order to ensure the safety of all employees in their work areas and not to put their health at risk,

* Identifies accidents and possible risk points that may lead to accidents, and takes corrective actions to prevent them,

* Fulfills the requirements specified in the Occupational Health and Occupational Safety Regulation and the Regulation on Occupational Health and Occupational Safety Rules, which are included in the Legislations of the Ministry of Labor,

* Declares that this policy will be reviewed at appropriate time intervals or as needed.

Working since 1995


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