Since the idea of ​​establishment was realized in 1995, HANDAR is proud of constantly increasing its success in the sector by bringing a new perspective to the complex process industries, construction and infrastructure projects.

The areas that HANDAR has served so far includes industrial structures such as Energy, Cement, Petroleum, Natural Gas, Iron Steel, Glass and similar industrial structures, as well as Civil structures such as Hospitals, Airports, Aircraft Hangars, Library Buildings, Mass Housing and Infrastructure projects.

Thanks to its success since the establishment HANDAR's portfolio draws attention for both in Turkey and international business and constrction comunities especially in the CIS region and in the Middle East region.

Lately +318-meter-high offshore towers of the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge and the steel works of the 85,000-capacity Lusail Stadium, where the Final Match of the Qatar Cup will be played, are, as always, the sample of reflections of the broad culture that Handar offers to its international customers in the industry.

Currently, HANDAR continues to add value with its international customers in the NFE Project in Qatar, the HIA Cargo terminal Project and the Lusail Boulevard Project.

The success of Handar in the sector is based on his uncompromising time management, personnel management in accordance with professional and institutional criterias and an international occupational safety and quality management culture practices that it adds to the projects.


Working since 1995


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