Founded in 1995, HANDAR has been providing its domestic and international customers with years of experience in Engineering, Procurement and Construction services of industrial projects.

In addition to Turkey, the projects handled especially in the Middle East, Central Asia, Europe and Africa, increase HANDAR's international recognition and accordingly, enable it to serve the country's economy ore efficiently.

Having a continuous and stable development for 25 years, HANDAR follows the all does and dont's required by ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 management systems and derives this success from its uninterrupted commitment to planning, time control, process management, high ethical values ​​and personnel management principles.

1995 - Start Up...
HANDAR was founded in 1995 under the leadership of Mr. Enver YILDIRIM. Handar's first project (Bursa Cement) was handled and success stories have begun..
1998 - First Overseas Project
HANDAR signed his first project abroad, the Uzbekistan Bukhara Refinery....
2000 - Two major projects carried out simultaneously
HANDAR's Turkmenistan Refinery Tanks and Ünye Cement Refractory Assemblies worked at the same time
2002 - Afşin Elbistan Power Plant
Afsin Elbistan Thermal Power Plant
2004 - First Airport Project
Dubai, Emirates Airlines A380 Aircraft Hangars
2006 - First Overseas Branch
HANDAR opened its first overseas branch in Doha, Qatar.
2009 - Qatar International Airport
Construction of all Saddlebag Steel Structures of Hamad Intl Airport in Doha
2010 - Qatar Sidra Medical
Construction of steel structures of Sidra Medical Hospital in Doha, Qatar
2012 - First Train Station Project
All steel structures, infrastructure and landscaping projects of Medina Haramayn High Speed ​​​​Train Station.
2014 - Saudi Arabia Yamama Cement Factory
The Yamama Cement Plant, which has the world's tallest preheater tower, has been completed.
2015 - Qatar Cement Factory
For the first time, the complete installation of a cement factory abroad was carried out entirely by Handar as a general subcontractor
2017 - First Stadium Construction
Within the scope of 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup, steel structures and roof processes of Al-Bayt Stadium were carried out.
2018 - Qatar Greenhouse Project
Within the scope of Handar Qatar Greenhouse Project, all superstructure and infrastructure constructions and landscaping works were carried out.
2019 - First Bridge Project
Construction of all steel structures of the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, which has the title of "the longest clear span suspension bridge in the world"

Working since 1995


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