OUR VISION: An organization that uses disciplined work flow processes with an efficient control mechanism, thus nurturing its corporate identity with an understanding that does not compromise on the principles of work quality and predicted time statics, and gains trust and prestige.

To support the professional experience of our administrative and technical personnel working with the mission of constantly increasing our success in the axis of the determined general principles and to contribute to the economic and social development of the world.


Integrity – For our company to be successful, we need to be connected, united and whole. Being in integrity means that all units of our company are in communication with each other. Therefore, our integrity is based on our ability to communicate honestly and consistently.

Teamwork (Family) – Each of us must act consistently to achieve the agreed-upon mission and vision of the team. We are aware that we can only achieve success by supporting each other with respect and mutual solidarity in order to achieve this goal.

Pride - Each of us must do our job in a way that takes pride in what we do individually and collectively as a company. We take responsibility and ownership for our individual work and therefore take pride in the work we produce as a company.

Efficiency (Quality) – Our people are committed to producing the highest quality product in the industry, and in doing so, each employee takes responsibility for their role in the overall efficiency of the company.

Reality (Factual) – We apply logic and knowledge of facts to all of our decision-making processes.

Mantık (Objektiflik) – Tüm karar verme süreçlerimize mantık ve gerçeklerin bilgisini uygularız.

Independent Thinking – All employees are encouraged to think independently and creatively. We constantly ask ourselves, “How can we do better?” we should ask.

Fairness (Insight) – Individuals will be evaluated and rewarded objectively based on their contribution to achieving our mission and adhering to our values. People are judged on their personal values, not on their membership in any group.

Working since 1995


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