Medina Haramain High Speed Railway Station

Haramayn High Speed Railway Station is one of the four stations on the train route between Mecca-Medina-KAEC and Jeddah, which is being implemented by the local authorities.

In addition to 9000 tons of steel erection works, 2000 tons of fabrication works have also been completed by Handar. Although the steel works of the Medina Station started later than the other three identical stations, it was the train station that was completed the earliest in accordance with international quality and occupational safety standards, with the great success of HANDAR.

The umbrella-shaped structures in the project are a unique architecture and were built by Handar with special assembly techniques.
Medina - Saudi Arabia
KSA Ministry of Transportation
Project Scope :
Haramain High Speed Railway Medina Station
Technical Data: 13.000 Ton
Start-Finish Date:
05.05.2012 - 30.12.2014

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